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Packing and moving | Keep your clock safe

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We pack and move grandfather clocks

Don't trust your priceless family heirloom to normal movers. We can professionally package your grandfather clock for moving so it does not get damaged. We will ensure that movers can safely transport your clock.


Moving locally? We can professionally pack, move, and then set up your clock in your new home. We have experience moving thousands of clocks.

Moving for renovations?

If you need to move your grandfather clock for painting or carpeting give us a call. We can give you professional advice on moving your priceless heirloom.

Expert staff

Our expert staff has over 40 years of experience working with grandfather clocks and all other types of clocks.

Professional clock repairs and service

We can professionally repair your grandfather clocks, herschede floor clocks, and cuckoo clocks. We also make house calls for your convenience.


Contact us to learn more.

Packing and moving | Keep your clock safe

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